SHEIN is a cross-border B2C Internet enterprise with female fast fashion as its main business

The company takes fast fashion women’s clothing as its main business, currently the main markets are North America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, etc., directly serving consumers in more than 150 countries around the world, the APP covers 50+ languages worldwide, and has 11 own brands.

SHEIN Advantages:

(1) Flexible supply chain: small order quick return shortens the new cycle, on-demand production optimizes inventory turnover, short delivery time and no inventory pressure

(2) Warehousing and logistics: the establishment of central warehousing promotes the simplification of transportation processes and the reduction of delivery costs for suppliers

(3) Product power: SHEIN on the new speed faster, more products, the ultimate cost performance

(4) Brand strength: Build a matrix of private brands to enhance the company’s attractiveness in multiple dimensions

(5) Independent station: Layout of independent station in advance, improve the freedom of operation, customer data control

(6) Multi-platform and multi-channel advertising

(7) Fine operation of social media accounts through multiple channels, continuous strengthening of brand concept, and transformation of users and fans