At the beginning of 2023, marked by the emergence of chatgpt, a new generation of scientific and technological revolution in artificial intelligence (ai) was set off worldwide. There are unmanned supermarkets, virtual fitting, wearable devices, artificial intelligence shopping guides and artificial intelligence logistics, and its influence in various industries is also increasing.
So what impact will AI have on the apparel industry?
1. Creative design, can be input keywords or pictures to generate creative design
2. Marketing copy, when the enterprise carries out marketing publicity, it can provide appropriate copy for brand marketing
3. AI fashion consultant, for example, when you need to attend a dinner party, AI will analyze recent clothing trends and provide people with wear recommendations
Of course, in practical application, Ai in the application of clothing products, there will also be problems that can not be ignored, such as data security and intellectual property protection, we need to develop corresponding rules and measures for Ai appropriate supervision.