The top and bottom of the suit should be in the same color. In the collocation, suit, shirt, tie should be two plain colors. Wearing a suit, generally black or brown shoes are more formal in official occasions. Black shoes can be worn with suits of any color. While brown shoes can only be worn with brown suits.

Remember, you can’t wear more than 3 colors.

You must wear leather shoes when wearing a suit. Slip-on shoes and sneakers are not appropriate. A dark blue or black suit can be worn with black shoes, or a coffee suit with brown shoes.
The shirt color should match the suit, not the same color. A white shirt works well with a suit of any color. Men should not wear brightly colored plaid or patterned shirts on formal occasions. The hem of the shirt is kept in the waistband, and the collar buttons and cuffs are fastened. The collar and cuffs of the shirt should be longer than the collar and cuffs of the suit jacket 1 cm – 2 cm; Underwear collars and cuffs under shirts should not be exposed.

A tie is a must for formal occasions, but not always for other occasions.

The collar button of the shirt must be fastened when wearing a tie and unfastened when not wearing a tie. If the suit itself is striped, it should be paired with a solid-colored shirt. If the suit is solid-colored, the shirt can have simple stripes or patterns.