This issue is very important, everyone should learn!!!
How to identify the genuine sweater:
1. Check the label
Genuine products will indicate the composition of raw materials, wool content; The fake ones don’t。
2. Dress feelings
The real wool sweater has soft texture, elasticity, good hand feel and good warmth; The texture, elasticity, feel and warmth of the fake woolen sweater are poor.
3. Combustion method
Real wool contains a lot of protein, the smell of burnt feathers when lit, and after burning out the finger to crush, is pure wool; If there is no smell of burnt feathers, the ash can not be crushed and caked, it is a chemical fiber fabric.
4. Friction method
The wool sweater in and we usually wear clothes friction with each other for about 5 minutes, and then quickly separated from each other, if the clothes have a “pop” sound, and accompanied by static electricity, this wool sweater is imitation of other materials. On the other hand, if the clothes have no static electricity, it is a real sweater.