The difference between birdseye fabric and mesh fabric lies in the material, weaving technique, characteristics, and structure.

1.Birdseye fabric is made from materials such as cotton and polyester, with a soft and skin-friendly texture, while mesh fabric uses materials like polyester and nylon, with a slightly harder texture but good elasticity.

2.Additionally, birdseye fabric is a warp knitting process e, while mesh fabric is knitted.

3.In terms of characteristics, birdseye fabric has good breathability, moisture absorption, and warmth, making it suitable for clothing and bedding, while mesh fabric has good breathability, quick-drying, and anti-slip properties, and is commonly used in sportswear and outdoor clothing.

4.In terms of structure, birdseye fabric has a relatively tight double-sided line, while mesh fabric has very tight warp lines, resulting in larger openings and a characteristic open top.