A new all-cargo air route has been launched between Hangzhou, China, and Mexico City.

The route is set to benefit China’s exports of clothing and shoes.

The service, operated by MasAir, will run three times a week, offering a maximum one-way cargo capacity of 60 tonnes.

This is the first such link between China’s Zhejiang province and Mexico.

An all-cargo air route has been inaugurated between Hangzhou, the capital of China’s eastern Zhejiang Province, and Mexico City, marking the first such service connecting Zhejiang and Mexico. One of the primary exports expected to benefit from this new route is cross-border e-commerce goods, particularly clothing and shoes.
Operated by MasAir and utilising Airbus A330 aircraft, the service is scheduled to run three times a week and will offer a maximum one-way cargo capacity of about 60 tonnes, according to Chinese media reports.