Vietnam’s Garco 10 joins ITMF as corporate menber

The International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) has announced that Vietnam-based Garment 10 Corporation Joint Stock Company (Garco 10) has been recently inducted as a corporate member. Initially it focused on making military uniforms. Garco 10 at present manufactures and exports nearly 30 million garments per year.

Established in 1946 in Viet Bac (northern region of Vietnam), Garco 10 is one of the largest enterprises in Vietnam’s apparel and textile industry with a total of 19 factories, according to a press release by the ITMF.

Founed in 1904, the ITMF is an international forum of the global textile value chain for producers of fibre to finished products. Its members are from textile and apparel-producing countries, representing approximately 90 per cent of global production.

“Being part of an international forum like ITMF that represents the entire textile value chain—from fibre to finished goods—is very valuable. Having access to an international network like ITMF provides Garco 10 access to companies and people from around the world in a cooperative environment. Furthermore, it is important to follow and be part of the discussions about trends and initiatives in our industry. The publications, reports, and surveys that ITMF produces are helping us to better understand the underlying dynamics in our industry,” said Than Duc Viet, CEO of Garment 10 Corporation.

“We are delighted that Garco 10 is joining ITMF as a corporate member. Garco 10 is a leading producer and exporter of garments in Vietnam. Becoming part of the ITMF family will be mutually beneficial for both parties. ITMF members will be provided an additional perspective on Vietnam while Garco 10 will be offered insights on other markets. The global textile and apparel industry is constantly undergoing structural changes—sometimes slower and sometimes faster. Currently, the changes and dynamics are unprecedented; therefore, an international forum for exchange and discussion provides added value,” stated Dr. Christian Schindler, director general of ITMF.