US’s LifeLabs gets $6 million series seed 3 funding for thermal apparel

LifeLabs, US’ textile innovator making meaningful progress in combating the effects of climate change through thermally-efficient lifestyle apparel, has announced a $6 million series seed 3 financing round led by Asia Green Fund, bringing total funding to $13.8 million. LifeLabs launched in October 2021 with a line of body temperature regulating apparel.

The company’s collection of sustainable everyday wear, outdoor wear, sleepwear and bedding features a patented fabric with recycled materials that either cools body temperature or retains heat. LifeLabs flagship lines include CoolLife, which rapidly releases up to 40 per cent of the body’s infrared radiation, creating less need for energy-consuming air coolers; and WarmLife, which uses reflective technology to offer unprecedented warmth with less materials, the company said in a media statement.

LifeLabs earlier this month added the everyday cooling t-shirt to its line of CoolLife products. The world’s coolest t-shirt is the first thermally transparent, Polyethylene based fabric that allows almost all of an individual’s infrared radiation to escape, creating a continuous cooling effect unlike any other apparel on the market. By wearing items from the CoolLife collection, individuals can adjust their thermostat by three degrees Fahrenheit, which is estimated to save 400lbs of carbon per household per year.

“With LifeLabs, we aim to create a massive disruption to the way we think about and use personal energy. Our patented fabric not only feels amazing on the skin, but it performs with the body to create a system of performance and design that regulates temperature. This is a game changer in textile innovation,” Yi Cui, Stanford professor of materials science and engineering as well as co-founder of LifeLabs, said in a statement.

“We strongly believe technology advancements will make a huge impact in the fight against climate crisis by empowering the individual to reduce personal energy usage. AGF is pleased to partner with Cui and LifeLabs in such a mission critical endeavour toward global carbon neutrality,” Bo Bai, chairman and founder of Asia Green Fund, a leading green impact investment firm based in the 4.5 billion people Asia market, said.