US’ Reflective Apparel launches athletic-inspired reflective workwear

American high visibility apparel manufacturer Reflective Apparel has introduced WildSpark, hi-vis workwear that is stylish and comfortable to wear off the clock. The new line of performance apparel can be used in situations where American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety standards are not required, but visibility still needs to be a focus.

WildSpark high-visibility workwear has reflective properties that are discrete in the daylight, but provide high-vis retro-reflectivity in low-light situations, according to a press release by Reflective Apparel. With the added features of UPF50+, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial technologies, employees can transition from work to personal activities without feeling like they are in workwear.

The high visibility and reflective properties of WildSpark garments allow people to ‘Be Safe and Be Seen’ while at work or play. These patent-pending reflective designs are strategically incorporated onto the fabric.

“We believe that everyone should be visible and safe at all times, not just on the job,” said Scott A Corrao, president of Reflective Apparel. “People should be visible at work, as well as when they walk to the bus stop, ride their bike, or walk their dog after work. In my 25-plus years in the safety industry, I’ve seen employers encourage their employees to use hearing, eye, and respiratory protection whenever it is needed, not just at work. Safety awareness shouldn’t stop at the job site.”

“Until you shine light on a WildSpark garment, you would assume it was just fashionable, performance apparel,” Becky Keith, vice president of sales for Reflective Apparel said in the release. “Once a headlight hits the garment, the retro-reflective properties are immediately apparent, making the wearer highly visible even in extremely low light situations.”

“Our philosophy is, as long as you are going to wear performance apparel, it should be reflective as well,” added Corrao. “Reflective gear doesn’t have to call attention to you when it isn’t wanted. We now have a solution to be comfortable, stylish, and visible, all at the same time.”