UK’s celtic joins hands with secon-hand clothing website Thrift+

UK’s sustainable fashion brand, Celtic, has joined the mission to save as many quality clothes as possible from landfill by partnering with second hand clothing website, Thrift+. Founded in 1990, Celtic’s new partnership with Thrift+ strengthens the brand’s commitment to circular fashion by facilitating the recycling of its customer’s unwanted clothing.

“We are thrilled to be joining Thrift+. It’s a great initiative which encourages people to refresh their wardrobes in a sustainable way, giving their clothes a new lease of life, while earning rewards and getting the chance to support a chosen charity. All our customers have to do to get involved is add a Thrift+ Bag to their order with us, fill it with their unwanted clothes, and post the bag back to Thrift+ for free. With every sale, they will earn credits which can be donated to charity, spent on second-hand clothes, or redeemed on vouchers to spend at Celtic,” Celtic managing director, James Williams, said in a media statement.

“Our collections are full of timeless styles which are designed to last a lifetime. Everything, from our yarn to our buttons and labels, is chosen to have as little impact on the planet as possible. Not only does this help minimise pollution, it also makes our products safe for those who are allergic to synthetic fibres,” Williams added.

“We also handcraft our iconic sheepskin footwear in our own factory in Newquay, Cornwall, using sheepskin from British sheep which keeps production miles to a minimum. These skins would otherwise be considered waste and farmers would have to pay for their disposal, so it’s great to be able to support British farmers within the process.

We create all of our products to the highest standards, but well-loved clothes can show signs of wear, which is why we offer a repair and resole service for our sheepskin boots to reduce waste and extend their life instead of buying new,” he said.