Transformation and integration of offline and online business

The arrival of the epidemic without warning, to the future development of all walks of life to bring more profound thinking, the department store industry is no exception. Many merchants focused on offline business, and online business only plays a supplementary role. However, offline business cannot be carried out normally during the epidemic, which forces them to pay more attention to online business, especially to play online and offline integration.

The epidemic has affected the entire department store industry. Department stores and apparel shop across the country have shortened their business hours and even closed their stores for epidemic prevention. Whether it is brand merchants or small and medium-sized merchants, offline business is inevitable to fall into the trough.

Of course, the business effects of COVID-19 are not only pessimistic, but also spawning many new businesses, such as online education, telecommuting, and video and games. E-commerce has a tradition of not closing shop during the Spring Festival, and during the special period of the epidemic, it has become a major shopping choice for users. With the orderly resumption of work and production after the Holiday, online consumption demand is more robust, and merchants have a lot to do.

For small and medium-sized merchants who have no choice, it is imperative to move offline business to online, so that they can sell goods flexibly and seize a life-saving straw, thus ushering in a turnaround. The brands already connected to the Internet can also take the opportunity to further strengthen online business, leading more small and medium-sized businesses to join the wave of Internet transformation.

At a time when offline business is suffering, catering to users’ needs is especially important. During the epidemic, online ordering and offline delivery have become the main consumption methods, enabling users to maintain the original order of life even without leaving home. For all merchants, the two-line integration strategy for N years must be promoted seriously this time, find a reliable platform to meet the diversified needs of users, and transform to the online and offline integration of marketing.