Tie Dyed design-the new hot trend in clothing

Traditional tie-dyed clothing has a long history in China. It is loved by people for its simplicity and unique aesthetic taste, and developing continuously with the progress of social civilization, reflecting the wisdom and creativity of Chinese people. Modern tie-dye garments developed on this basis retain the tradition, and the design of modern tie-dye garments is very different from that of traditional tie-dye garments. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study the design of modern tie-dye garments.

Tie-dyed art originates in China, after the baptism and precipitation of history, gradually mature, with the development of the times, the birth of the digital era. it appears in a new form in the clothing design, namely digital tie-dye, according to the investigation, based on a report from 2008 digital printing fabrics will double every year. The 2015 global digital printing machine has reached 50,000 sets and digital tie-dye printing has reached 10% of the printing volume, which shows the rapid development of digital tie-dye.

Digital tie-dye is relative to the traditional tie-dye, batik and traditional blue print of the three traditional dyeing technology of a new concept. Digital tie-dye is to use the computer fractal, restructuring the intelligent design system and digital behavior of “quasi tie-dye” creation.

Making digital tie-dyed fabrics more unique in the fabric market, due to its unique visual impact effect and its birth of magic of texture processing which combined with in-depth interpretation of pop art. Digital tie-dye soon is widely used in every quarter of the creative fashion design, which changed the monotony of modern fashion apparel design, greatly enriching the modern design language of clothing design.

Costume design style is like spring which is infinite. Many fashion designers in their series of works add digital tie-dye creative elements to the modern creative clothing design field to inject fresh blood.

Reviewing the whole design process of creative clothing, people’s requirements for clothing design are firstly its practical function, then to the requirements of decorative function and formal beauty rules, and later to today’s emotional design, personalized design and so on. People’s aesthetic has become diversified, so the study of digital tie-dye art in modern creative clothing design has a strong sense of the times.

In China, tie-dye is a very traditional and ancient printing and dyeing technique. By virtue of its own charm, it can be handed down to the present. In terms of craft characteristics, modern tie-dye has many types, and all have their own innovations. Making full use of tie-dye technology in clothing design can form different style characteristics.

Through the accurate use of tie-dye technology, fashion designers can break away from the traditional thinking and design different clothes to meet the needs of modern fashion and diversified personality.

Nowadays, people can use tie-dye technology to dye a variety of colorful patterns on the fabric, and the pattern design is also more close to the aesthetic of modern people, which looks like a gorgeous and colorful picture scroll, very striking.

Especially in the solemn autumn and winter season, wearing tie-dye clothes is really a very beautiful scenery. Tie-dye has become the fashion trend of the new season, according to my observation, it is also how to wear the trend will not be outdated, especially can create a bright spot, for the fall and winter season to add a beautiful color.