Li Jiaqi’s sale hit 2.8billion, the “quite” promotion

The 3.8 international women’s day session is nearing its end.

As the first s-class promotion of e-commerce platform, the session is somewhat “quiet”. However, as early as February 27, taobao,, Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms in China have started the pre-sale pace. Media reports, Chinese famous merchants anchorr Li Jiaqi in the evening with more than 70 million viewers, won the sales of 2.8 billion.

Livestream is gradually moving from a two-person stage to a multi-person stage. This year’s liveshow covers the snack festival, fashion festival, beauty and makeup festival.

After communication with platforms, merchants and other parties, “e-commerce online” found that behind this big promotion, which was easy to be “ignored”, contains new vitality.

Starting at 5pm on February 27, Li jiaqi started the pre-sale of 3.8 episodes in a “beauty class” atmosphere similar to last year’s Singles’ Day. 280 product links, showing the “buy one, get one free” mentality, preferential intensity comparable to double 11. The final score was over 77 million views and over 2.8 billion in sales.

After a year, live streaming e-commerce has already changed the battlefield, the concentration of talent channels, but also let the brand side more willing to invest in the promotion, which may be an important reason for Li Jiaqi to break through higher sales.

With the emergence of several cutting-edge live broadcast rooms, e-commerce Online has also found a new trend of live broadcasting:

In this year’s 3.8 promotion, the first jump the gun is actually short video platform. Kuaishou 3.8 section, as early as February 9 began. From February 9 to February 26, merchants can sign up to participate in the activity, and formulate the objectives and methods of the activity, February 26 to March 8 as the official activity period.

Douyin and Kuaishou are particularly active in this year’s 3.8 node. Both Douyin Mall and Kuaishou Store have labeled 3.8 in advance. Kuaishou launched 3.8 Joy Festival, and Douyin launched 3.8 Queen Festival. In section 3.8, of course, both platforms need to use consumption nodes to consolidate the e-commerce mind, but in terms of specific gameplay, they have different emphases.

Tmall new xiaoer pair of “e-commerce online” mentioned that 3.8 new promotion is very emphasis on spring new, as seasonal nature is strong. For Tmall, which puts new products in an important position, combining the two labels of women + Spring new, the value of 3.8 promotion lies in promoting new products.

With the help of 3.8 nodes, beauty makeup, personal care, food, clothing, household cleaning, which are strongly related to women’s needs and life scenes, have a high rate of new products. From the brand dimension, in addition to the categories of female orientation, brands driven by female founders, female managers and female artists also have a lot of new initiatives. Data showed that as of March 5, the number of new posts on The Tmall platform reached 880,000 per day, up 22 percent from the same period last year.