How does fall and winter clothes more interesting and lively?

Speak of qiu dong wear build, a lot of schoolgirls dress to qiu dong bright eye and lively understanding still stay in “more bright eye more trendy” level. But the opposite is true. In fact, the higher the fashion, the more simplicity. Especially the autumn and winter season that dress more massiness and dreariness, wear too exaggeration to bring flowery messy feeling easily instead.

That many small fairy can doubt, think the feeling that goes after lively vitality in qiu dong, if wear too element too regular, how to show lively nifty girl feeling again? Don’t be impatient, today the ancient wood evening sheep recommended this set of wear, not only full of vitality, but also simple beautiful, eye-catching and not grandiose. It’s perfect for work and everyday life.

With light color pink for the inside story of the dress, always can give a person quietly elegant and shallow breath, create a gentle and quiet autumn and winter girl image. But designers take into account that light color is too plain, the eye absorption is weak, it is easy to have no sense of existence.

The fashionable women’s dresses add chic and interesting deer elements under the pink, breaking the dull plain color, while sending out a fresh sense of literature and art exclusive to girls. This style shows the warm and carefree temperament of autumn and winter.

Autumn winter, those who want to wear are recreational and comfortable and advanced, never won’t with colorful big eyeball, that can bring flowery jump off feeling only. Autumn and winter, the fast pace of life refused to tight, with soft wool yarn woven real self pleasure. A simple light color, gentle and leisurely. With the design sense and girly heart of the deer pattern, wearing it, it seems to be taken back to that interesting era.

Autumn and winter season color collocation, let deer, fireworks wake up fun memory, let dress no longer depressing solution, let you easily hold simple and interesting girl feeling full wear build.