Exercise is the foundation of health

Exercise is the foundation of health. Exercise and fitness can help sleep, enhance physique, prevent diseases and delay aging. 

1. Muscles, bones and joints get moving

The original purpose of the muscles, bones and joints of the human body is to move. If there is no movement, the joints will be damaged and the activity capacity will be greatly reduced and will be easy to degrade early. 

2. The muscles becomes active

The muscle function of the human body is contraction movement. The more movement, the more energy supply and immobility, and the lower the efficiency. The advantage of constant exercise is to give muscles more special opportunities to play their role.

3. Blood gets better circulation

Exercise accelerates blood circulation and benefits indirectly. Organs with blood supply can accelerate blood circulation through exercise, which has been recognized since ancient times.

4. The heart gets strengthen

Our heart needs constant exercise to strengthen its function. The more we practice, the better it works. So if you don’t let your heart have more opportunities to move at ordinary times, your heart will not be healthier. So certainly affected, exercise can help the normal operation of human heart and strengthen its function.

5. Lung function is improved

Exercise is the best way to enhance lung function. The oxygen we need all over our body is made of lung supply. If you do not exercise at ordinary times, its vital capacity will be always limited. In short, exercise itself is the most basic way to improve lung function.

6. Body oxygen supply gets increased

During exercise, the oxygen carrying function of the body increases rapidly, so that the body can get more oxygen supply. That we now call “aerobic exercise” or “aerobic exercise”. So doing more aerobic exercise will get you a better healthy.