Dutch 3D & AI fashion PTTRNS.ai secures €2 mn seed funding

PTTRNS.ai, a Dutch 3D and AI firm that specialises in digitalising and personalising the fashion industry, has announced a successful seed round of funding, securing €2 million. The investment will enable PTTRNS.ai to develop its SaaS platform further and expand its international customer base.

The company has already established its platform’s value in the market, and with this latest investment from the EVCF II Growth Capital fund, it plans to scale up and continue to develop its AI personalisation and 3D visualisation technology.

PTTRNS.ai aims to help fashion brands and retailers increase their efficiency, profitability, and sustainability by leveraging advanced 3D visualisation techniques and AI-powered personalisation, the company said in a press release.

The firm’s technology can transform the fashion industry by providing personalised shopping experiences for customers and increasing brands’ efficiency by automating the design process. PTTRNS.ai’s mission is to bring innovation to the fashion industry, and it has gained recognition for its pioneering work.

The innovative 3D visualisation technology of PTTRNS.ai enables brands to generate photorealistic visuals in an early development stage based on design patterns. This is directly both time- and cost-saving. Additionally, the digitalised images and clips can be used to present to consumers directly, deploying AI-driven personalisation technology that understands consumer behaviour, preferences and desires.

The resulting ‘digital stylist’ profoundly understands end-consumers on a a personal level, providing advice to boost consumer confidence during the purchasing process. This, in turn, benefits brands and (online) retailers by lowering returns and increasing sales figures and customer loyalty.

“We are thrilled to have raised this funding and to be able to continue our mission of revolutionising the fashion industry,” said Marco van Herpen, founder and managing director of PTTRNS.ai. “By using AI-powered personalisation and 3D visualisation techniques, we can help fashion companies become more sustainable while also increasing their bottom line.”

“PTTRNS.ai has developed a truly unique solution that addresses a real need in the necessary transition of the fashion industry,” said Ruben Baijens, investment director and partner of ECFG. “We believe in the company’s vision, its experienced senior management team and the commitment to their feasible development roadmap. We are excited to be part of the growth of PTTRNS.ai within the fashion industry.”