“Data+Intelligent manufacturing”

What have you learned from the pandemic?

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic tested large and small clothing enterprises’ ability to resist risk. Limited labor, limited capacity; Overseas markets have been severely affected by the epidemic, and foreign trade orders have plummeted. In 2020, the epidemic has forced the industry to transform and upgrade, and “data + intelligent manufacturing” has become the future of the fashion industry. How to improve the independent innovation ability, how to open up the domestic market, improve the production capacity of the garment industry has become a consensus.

From garment industry to fashion industry, from tradition to digitalization, garment digital economy is developing rapidly. According to the technical team of China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Institute, the average annual growth rate of China’s digital economy will remain around 15% from 2020 to 2025, and the scale of digital economy is expected to exceed 80 trillion yuan in 2025.

Seize the new opportunities of development, catch up with the first chance

Returning to the consumer demand of the clothing market, the public’s consumer preference is becoming more and more “personalized” and “fragmented”, and the traditional form of large-scale and pre-production is slowly losing its advantages. Predicting the new demand of the consumer market is becoming more and more important. Improving the ability of data analysis and trend prediction has become an important part of intelligent production.

So, how should small and medium-sized garment enterprises make use of new opportunities to seek development?

Technology creates the future. It is urgent for small and medium-sized garment enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability. In the future, the garment industry is not only fighting for fast response ability, but also for the speed and depth of intelligent production. Only digitization, intelligence and automation can make it invincible in the change.