Australia’s import of T-shirts, innerwear from Vietnam up 70% in 2021

Australia’s garment imports from Vietnam witnessed an impressive growth of 35.21 per cent to reach $407.931 million in 2021 from $301.379 million in 2020. The imports of T-shirts and innerwear grew over 70 per cent year-on-year last year. Trousers and shorts, shirts and jerseys were also among the top five products but witnessed a lower growth. 

According to an analysis based on data of Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro, Australia imported T-shirts worth $43.443 million and innerwear worth $35.146 million which was 10.65 per cent and 8.62 per cent respectively of the total apparel imports. The imports of innerwear grew by 87.31 per cent in 2021 over $18.763 million in the preceding year. Imports of T-shirts also noted an impressive growth of 74.41 per cent over imports of $24.937 million in 2020. 

The imports of trousers and shorts were valued at $92.641 million accounting for 22.71 per cent of the total garment imports, and up 27.56 per cent from 2020. Shirt imports were at $54.520 million (13.36 per cent) during 2021 which increased by 43.34 per cent over the preceding year. Jerseys were the fifth highest imported item with a share of 7.92 per cent amounting to $32.296 million in 2021. Its imports grew 43.19 per cent on year-on-year basis, as per TexPro.

Besides these top 5 items, Australia’s imports of apparel products included jackets and blazers (3.49 per cent of total garment imports), coats (3.37 per cent), dresses (2.37 per cent), accessories (2.36 per cent) and socks (1.98 per cent). 

Australia had imported apparel worth $303.813 million in 2019, $265.828 million in 2018 and $212.758 million in 2017 from Vietnam.