58% users are willing to pay for “green”, according to Tiktok’s top 10 lifestyle trends report

In recent years, the clothing industry has shown a clear signal that trends are changing faster and faster.

The transformation of mobile Internet has redefined people’s consumption habits and lifestyle. New consumer demands are constantly changing and also giving birth to changing trends. How to accurately capture, understand and meet the potential demands of consumers is the primary consideration of clothing merchants in the process of new product research and development.

The same as once only advocated the concept of environmental protection, people have already put into action in every aspect of life. In the past year, 29.9% of the users continued to pay attention to environmental protection: “Environmental protection can be a trivial matter around everyone, and they will take the initiative to practice and support a green lifestyle.”

Consumers’ awareness of environmental protection makes people more willing to pay for sustainable products and pollution-free green goods. Trill electricity the tide living trend report data show that 83.8% of the user identity and rational consumption, buy only necessary goods with good quality, 58% of users will pay for all the production process more environmental protection, green products, and 43.3% of users said they would choose to have design feeling, and the use of sustainable fabrics made of clothing, handbags, etc。

The change of user demand makes the consumption of more green and more environmentally friendly clothing become a new consumption trend in the clothing industry, and also promotes the use of natural plants and sustainable fabrics to become a new trend of innovative application of textile technology.

The concept of low carbon has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the clothing style of consumer groups has also caught up with the new trend of fashion and environmental protection. “Simple” and “fresh” and “minimalist” with environmental properties such as style is under the 2021 annual green fashion related contents of hot words, and minimalist, sustainable, biological materials, recycling second-hand clothing and pattern embroidery become consumers capture green trend, expressing on behalf of the style of environmental attitudes, among them, the simple and not simple minimalist style widely respected.

People began to throw away complicated elements, returning to the basic style, advocate energy saving and low carbon minimalist wear concept, also promote simplicity is expected to become a hot trend in 2022 under the “everything can be recycled” lifestyle.

In the future, Tiktok e-commerce will continue to combine the content that users are interested in, insight into the trend and consumer demand, providing new ideas for clothing merchants to create new products, and constantly expand the space of business increment.