Down cotton is a chemical synthetic material, is produced by different specifications of microfibers through a special process, because the texture is similar to down, so it is called down cotton, it can also be called hollow cotton or silk cotton.
Advantages of down cotton:
1, down cotton has the advantages of good elasticity, high shagginess, silk permeability, strong compression ability, and not easy to deformation, not easy to caking and so on.
2, down cotton also has a light texture. Strong tensile properties, a certain degree of elasticity, good washing performance, anti-moth, anti-moisture, anti-mildew and other properties of strong characteristics.
3, the thermal performance of down cotton is extremely strong, its thermal insulation rate is more than 2 times higher than cotton fiber, and the service life can even reach three times that of cotton fiber.
Down cotton disadvantages:
1, down cotton insulation performance is very high, but its air permeability is relatively poor.
2, although down cotton can be washed, but its washable performance is very poor. And the washing of down cotton is relatively troublesome, must use hand washing, can not use dry cleaning and machine washing.