1.Common UPF clothing materials are:
1)polyester, with light, breathable, moisture absorption and sweat characteristics, and has good wrinkle resistance and wear resistance, make your clothing more durable.

2)Nylon, lightweight, wear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant fabric, nylon fabric sunscreen clothing suitable for outdoor sports and travel wear, not only can protect the skin, but also show your vitality and fashion.3)Silk, soft, smooth, breathable, comfortable to wear, but also has good antibacterial properties, care for your skin.3)Cotton and linen, with good air permeability and moisture absorption, suitable for daily wear.

How to choose the right sunscreen clothing?

1) Choose according to the occasion: outdoor sports and tourism are, you can choose nylon or polyester fabric UPF clothes; For daily wear, you can choose silk or cotton fabric UPF clothing.

2) Choose according to skin color: people with pale skin can choose dark UPF clothes, which can increase the sunscreen effect; People with dark skin can choose light-colored UPF clothes to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

3) Choose according to personal preference: Those who like light and breathable can choose polyester or silk UPF clothes; People who like natural comfort can choose cotton and linen fabric UPF clothing.