Washed cotton is a kind of cotton fabric treated by washing process, and the fabric is cleaned 2-3 times with 95℃ high temperature water, and then the production process is processed by double-sided hot stamping.

Washed cotton is soft, skin friendly and comfortable, but also has good wear resistance and washable, its raw materials can be cotton, can also be cotton and polyester blend. After high temperature washing fabrics will have a slight wrinkle and old feeling, both the softness of pure cotton and the breathability of linen, in household goods, clothing and other fields have been widely used.

Compared with pure cotton, washed cotton is washable, has better tension, is softer, and is not easy to deform and fade. Generally speaking, cotton fabrics will more or less shrink and wrinkle after washing, hardening and other problems, and the washing process can play a role in improving these defects.